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What am I doing? Where am I going?


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A Lot Can Happen in Two Years…

James and Brian

A lot can happen in just two years.
This picture showed up on my timehop app today. My brother, James, and old youth pastor practicing guitar before youth group. They were the praise team. It made me think about everything that’s changed since then. Continue reading “A Lot Can Happen in Two Years…”

What is a Best Friend?


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Two Thousand Sixteen


52 weeks, 52 books.

I forgot what its like to lose myself in a different world. A whole different life. Falling in love with the characters and their lives. I don’t remember what age I became captivated by books. It was a pretty early age. I’d read everyday finishing so many books in just a week. Even if we ran to the store really quick I couldn’t leave the house without a book. Libraries and book stores were pure blissfulness. A smile on my face as soon as I enter and a feeling I can’t describe. It was an addiction. My addiction. My escape. Then I had a tablet of my own. And bought a laptop. My time was wasted by those. Reading slowly slipped from my life until the only reading I was doing was required reading for school. And I didn’t enjoy it as much.

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