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January 2016

What is a Best Friend?


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Two Thousand Sixteen


52 weeks, 52 books.

I forgot what its like to lose myself in a different world. A whole different life. Falling in love with the characters and their lives. I don’t remember what age I became captivated by books. It was a pretty early age. I’d read everyday finishing so many books in just a week. Even if we ran to the store really quick I couldn’t leave the house without a book. Libraries and book stores were pure blissfulness. A smile on my face as soon as I enter and a feeling I can’t describe. It was an addiction. My addiction. My escape. Then I had a tablet of my own. And bought a laptop. My time was wasted by those. Reading slowly slipped from my life until the only reading I was doing was required reading for school. And I didn’t enjoy it as much.

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