52 weeks, 52 books.

I forgot what its like to lose myself in a different world. A whole different life. Falling in love with the characters and their lives. I don’t remember what age I became captivated by books. It was a pretty early age. I’d read everyday finishing so many books in just a week. Even if we ran to the store really quick I couldn’t leave the house without a book. Libraries and book stores were pure blissfulness. A smile on my face as soon as I enter and a feeling I can’t describe. It was an addiction. My addiction. My escape. Then I had a tablet of my own. And bought a laptop. My time was wasted by those. Reading slowly slipped from my life until the only reading I was doing was required reading for school. And I didn’t enjoy it as much.

This year I’m making it a point to read more. They shall be my escape once again. Reading until unreasonably late hours at night just because… “One more chapter.”
It’s something that I love and whats life if you’re wasting time doing things you don’t love. Yeah, Netflix, Facebook, and Pinterest are all things to pass time or procrastinate. Reading does exactly the same thing plus so much more.

People have their new years resolutions. Lose weight, work out more, eat healthy, spend more time with the family, be a better person, do more for others, such and such.
Mine is to finish school, get a my license, get a job,and read more.


“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island.”
– Walt Disney –