James and Brian

A lot can happen in just two years.
This picture showed up on my timehop app today. My brother, James, and old youth pastor practicing guitar before youth group. They were the praise team. It made me think about everything that’s changed since then.

Where to start… Two years ago the youth group at my old church had just gotten smaller because a lot of the youth had gone to college. James and I were on the praise team. This church, Bethel PCA, was and still is my home. Not so much the church but everyone I knew there. Mom was a member there for more than half her life. I grew up there. Two years ago I was still a member. Sometime between then and now my family decided Bethel was no longer for us. It was time to find a new church. We’re now at Redeemer PCA and it took awhile for it to feel like home but its getting there. I already knew a handful of people at Redeemer but I’ve made a lot more friends since then. Since we have joined James and I have put together a praise team for the youth group there. It’s taking a bit to figure out running it and keeping things organized but we’re getting there. At first it was just James, another guitarist, and me on a little harp. Since then we’ve added piano, djembe, and someone to lead in singing.

A handful of other things that have happened in the past two years.
My best friend, Cassie, graduated and moved (not too far from me)
I’ve gained a best friend, Adam, through a mutual Facebook friend and met him in person after 10 months of texting, calling, and Skyping.
My family went on a amazing two week camping trip on which I hiked the tallest mountain in Texas with my three brothers.
I got my first pet. My little black bunny, Lilith. Sure, we’ve had plenty of family pets but Lilith is the first that’s actually under my full responsibility.
After 8, now 9, years of playing I bought my first harp. A small one but still, it’s better than renting or not having one.

There’s so much more but those are the biggest things for me.